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The Lady Shot:

For years a traditional male sport, shooting has undergone something of a revolution in the past few years. In increasing numbers, ladies are taking up the sport and proving that they are not only the equal of their male colleagues but in many cases, better. An introductory lesson to shooting with Jörg H. Roth can eliminate many of the perceived fears suffered by lady shooters.

The Young Shot:

"It is with the younger generation that our future and the future of shooting lies. It is incumbent to ensure that the skills of shooting and safety in the field are passed down through future generations." J.H.R.

Is there a lower age limit for starting shooting? The honest answer to this question is no! The main criteria for starting shooting are the ability to safely handle an appropriate gun and desire to learn! The actual shooting as such is only one part of the learning process. Included in the young shot’s course are sessions on gun safety on which there is placed great importance.