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"Join Jörg H. Roth for individual Shooting Instruction."

Individual Hourly Lessons:

  • Lessons are hourly, by appointment
  • Loaner guns are available
  • All methods taught

The emphasis is on helping the student (or students) work on fundamentals to improve their performance on specific targets. Limited to two students per hour.

Half-Day Shooting Schools (3 hours):

A more comprehensive lesson form at designed for two to four students. It begins with a Safety Talk followed by a brief discussion of each individual’s goals.

Next, all go to the Skeet Field and are video-typed showing their posture, stance and gun mount as they shoot severed target presentations. Returning to the club house, the video types are played and gun mounting and shooting positions are viewed and discussed. After the classroom session, all go out to the clays-course to shoot putting into practice the points that have been covered.

Individual Instructions:

  • Individual Lessons (per hour) shotgun
  • Young Shots (under 18 years old)
  • Course of six Lessons

Small Groups:

  • Lessons shared by 2 (per hour)
  • Lessons shared by 3 (per 2 hours)
  • Lessons shared by 4 (per 2 hours)
  • 2 Young Shots (per hour)
  • 3 Young Shots (per hour)
  • Syndicate Shoots for up to 5 guns (3 hours)